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In Fall 2018, the LAB Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa commissioned Form Found Design in collaboration with Orange Coast College Architecture to build a pavilion celebrating the LAB's 25 year anniversary and commitment to showcasing the design community. Named "Cytocast", referring to a group of cells pertaining to the modularity of the structure, while ‘cast’ refers to the process of casting concrete.”Cytocast sought to highlight the impact of social media and "selfie culture" on design, where a project's success is based on its "Instagrammability".  The geometry forms an arch that directs the public into the main "ARTery" of the mall. 

The project was a showcase of Southern California design and fabrication expertise in both academic and private institutions. CTS Rapid Set donated Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)  which is 7X stronger and cures 24X faster than traditional Concrete. Walter P. Moore Engineering ran preliminary structural analyses to ensure proper structural performance. Helix Steel  provided their Helix Steel Micro-Rebar product, adding to the tensile and compressive strength of the pavilion. Compression tests revealed a  strength of nearly 20,000 PSI. 

Orange Coast College Architecture students led by Joseph Sarafian designed, fabricated, and assembled the pavilion over a 6 month period. The OCC Welding Technology Division welded all steel connectors and the OCC Machine Technology Division fabricated the robot end arm tools. The OCC Fashion Department sewed the fabric formwork for each wishbone shape, and OCC Construction aided in transportation of raw material. 


Construction Technology, Orange Coast College:

  • Max Pena


Fashion Department, Orange Coast College:

  • Lauren Becker

  • Mary Lombard

  • Christina Amaral

  • Tony Cheng

  • Imane Gehring

  • Gaby Prinzins


CTS Cement:

  • Ken Vallens

  • Danny Chung


Walter P. Moore Engineering


  • Greg Otto

  • Cheryl Luo

  • Jeff Nixon


Helix Steel

  • Luke Pinkerton

Thank you to all of our partners and collaborators:

Architectural Technology, Orange Coast College:​

  • JoJo Crowley

  • Emily Rose Vanags

  • Rosario Reyes

  • Nayeli Gaytan

  • Tamires Nassar

  • Victor Hernandez

  • Stephen Ruiz

  • Brian Lie

  • Samuel Satin

  • Gina Chung

  • Gina Dinh

  • Phuong Do


OCC Makerspace


Welding Technology, Orange Coast College:

  • Michael Lannom

  • John Maxwell

  • Max Uyekawa

  • Stephen Clamp

  • Richard Hutchison

Machine Technology, Orange Coast College:

  • Daniel Kreun



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