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Form Found Design, Inc. is an award-winning, Los Angeles-based architecture and design studio, operating at the intersection of technology and nature. We believe that innovative design requires both an experimentation and therefore mastery of both material and technology. Our work bridges this gap, exploring advancements in robotics, material science, and project workflows. The result is an architecture that is derived rather than contrived. Form-finding manifests in both the process and the product.


Through research and collaboration, we begin by asking questions, while bringing our own inspiration and expertise to the table. Only after a deep understanding of the site, can opportunities be identified.

We believe in an iterative design process. Only through testing ideas can a solution be found. Our approach employs the latest software and hardware to design and coordinate complex projects at all scales.

Coordinating the project among consultants, we produce detailed construction documents to ensure the realization of our design intent. Our team will then oversee the project through construction.

Cold climate corner detail for our #home







We believe that design starts by asking questions.