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Groove Central World

Hub for nightlife, incorporating beer gardens, wine bars, and restaurants into a contemporary al fresco dining experience in Bangkok Thailand.

Designed to be a hub for nightlife and cultural cross-pollination, Groove Central World in Bangkok, Thailand is today one of the most active spots for nightlife in Bangkok. Joseph Sarafian was a designer for this project while at Synthesis Design + Architecture. According to SDA: This project is an expansion of the existing Central World Shopping Center in Bangkok, the third largest mall in the world. With 4,000 sqm of enclosed retail and 8,000 sqm of restaurants and bars facing an open-air protected courtyard, the project looks to capture the sophistication and atmospheric vibrancy of “al fresco” dining in European cafe culture and pair it with the energy and intimacy of the Soi’s of Bangkok to define a new contemporary Soi culture of sophisticated outdoor dining and lively pedestrian streets for Central World.


A fluid open air trellis flows through the open-air courtyard and provides the effect of dappled light which filters through it to protect from the sun while allowing open air experience and producing ambient lighting and atmospheric effect.


Given the unique position of the project facing the high traffic conditions of Ploenchit Road and the BTS Skytrain and Skywalk, the facade and roof serve as the graphic identity of the building while acting as a veil which reveals and conceals views. We are proposing a twisted horizontal louver facade system which will incorporate graphics, signage, identity and environmental and visual performance into a beautiful and elegant skin.


The primary driver of our formal organization and design concept is the continuous flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic along Ploenchit Road. This unique urban condition is amplified by the presence of the elevated BTS Skywalk and Skytrain. Our design seeks to channel these flows into the project through multiple skybridge connections and swirling atrium conditions.

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