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Bruce's Beach Art Installation

Roots of Resilience is a public art proposal for Bruce’s Beach

The team of Form Found Design and Devon Johnson Designs proposes to design the sculpture at Bruce’s Beach memorializing the history of the site and celebrating the strength and resilience of the individuals in the community who were involved.


Inspired by an Ernie Barnes painting of dancers, the gestures of dancers’ hands movement are abstracted to evoke a message of strength, connectedness, resilience and joy. "Roots of Resilience" stands as a symbol of hope, healing, and unity, encapsulating the spirit of Bruce's Beach and its unwavering commitment to progress and community. The sculpture stands tall, reaching for the sky with branches outstretched like rejoicing hands, as if yearning to touch the heavens. The hands are intricately sculpted of planes of Cor-ten steel, etched with intricate network of veins and lines as text that represents the journey of the community through time. Each hand is unique, reflecting the diversity and individual stories of the people who have contributed to the history and legacy of Bruce's Beach.


The trunks of the trees are robust and sturdy, symbolizing the foundation and resilience of the community. Their intertwining forms signify the interconnectedness and unity that have sustained the neighborhood throughout its history. The roots of the trees, depicted with intricate details and patterns, dig deep into the ground, signifying the deep sense of belonging and connection to the land.


The sculpture serves as a tribute to the past, present, and future of Bruce's Beach. It honors the struggles, achievements, and aspirations of the community, reminding all who see it of the power of resilience and the ability to overcome adversity.

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