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Home of Hope V.2

Light Gauge Steel, prefab humanitarian housing in Vanadzor, Armenia

Building on lesson’s learned from the first-ever FrameCAD Light Gauge Steel project in Armenia, FFD designed a new family of homes, creating a new neighborhood in Vanadzor for families living in poverty. Not only is it built with a new construction material to the area, but it employs  a new method for assembly based on a digital manufacturing workflow in which buildings can be precisely built with tolerance levels only before seen in the automotive industry.


Mass-customization is made possible through the automation of the FrameCAD pipeline, in which the framing of an entire building can be generated via software. Then each stud is printed out of the machine, pre-punched, labeled, and swaged so that every wall and truss can be assembled with a simple set of custom assembly instructions. While many architects are integrating Computational Design into their workflows, this method truly introduces “Computational Construction” to the building industry.

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