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Pre-Frame Tower

Conceived as an innovative approach to scalable development, this High-Rise tower is comprised of modular, Light Gauge Steel wall and floor assemblies that would be shipped to the site with proprietary connection details.

Pre-Frame Construction is a radical departure from conventional stick-frame construction. Form Found Design is combining existing materials and technologies in a robotic assembly-line setting to bring architecture closer to the efficiencies of the automotive industry. This new project delivery method represents a quantum leap in the construction industry. Factory-built wall, floor and roof panels are rapidly assembled on site to create low-cost housing. Each individual component of the system specifically targets and overcomes a current weakness of site-built housing. Collectively, these technologies create high speed, high-quality, low-cost results.
This 12-Storey High Rise was designed and shortlisted for an international competition in 2021. Out of four hundred entries, this system was short-listed as one of twenty entries for its cost-saving potential and innovation.


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