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Thirty years after the devastating Spitak earthquake in Armenia, over 4,000 families remain in temporary housing (Domiks). Over 2,400 children are growing up in dire conditions. The Armenian Relief and Development Association (ARDA) is partnering with Form Found Design, Piur Panels, and Orange Coast College to eradicate temporary housing in Armenia. Using advanced technology and local resources, ARDA is providing efficient and dignified housing solutions for the families most in need.

Form Found Design is utilizing the FrameCAD Machine, which forms, punches, labels, and cuts custom, steel studs for rapid manufacturing of homes directly on the job site.

Through a partnership with Orange Coast College, FFD worked with a multi-disciplinary team of students, engineers, the client, and local architects to design the first prototypical home to be built using the FrameCAD system. The prototype will be manufactured and assembled locally in Los Angeles, then shipped in panels to Armenia. Through their fundraising effort, ARDA eventually plans to purchase a FrameCAD Machine to have on-site in Armenia to mass-produce homes in a fraction of the time spent using traditional methods.


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